Exeter, Devon

Rock, Metal, Electronic, Alternative, Ambient, Hip-hop, Alt Rock

We’re a band, based out of Exeter, Devon. UK. We write original alt rock music with electronic influences and rap/hiphop vocal twists. Our first releases are due later this year.

Rob from Altern8 – Rock & Metal Clubnights says:

Many thanks to Marcus and the crew at “On The House” for letting me be a part of this fantastic new venture, and hope to be working closely with the guys in the future.

So, here we go, my first review for “On The House”.
Where to begin? Selected an band from their extensive listing…tick.
So I begin with selecting local outfit SCHEMA.

SCHEMA are a 4-piece Alt Rock band infused with Electronica & Rap/Hiphop Elements, based in Exeter, Devon – UK.

I was lucky enough to stumble across this band at a recent Exeter University Rocsoc promoted event back in December, where SCHEMA were part of the support line up for local heroes and good friends of mine, Reigning Days. I was really unsure of what to expect from the guys, they opened up their set in fantastic fashion with an awesome sound to the band, and great levels of energy.

This continued throughout their set, which was roughly 30 mins long, and by the end of it, I was sold.

A fantastic prospect here in a band that haven’t been together all that long, and in that space of time had already lost a founding member and guitarist, which has probably ignited the band to build this awesome sound with replacing guitars with synths, which doesn’t always work in bands, but for Schema, it really adds another dimension to their sound.

Their 1st single was released towards the end of 2017, which was a great cover version of Rag & Boneman’s chart topping track – Human, which shows just what these guys have in the tank, and as much as this isn’t normally what I would perceive to listen to at a regular occasion, I found myself including it in Altern8 sets on a regular occasion, and the track itself went down a storm at our New Year’s eve event.

Sound wise, Jake’s vocals can range on so many levels, covering decent clean vocal, which can switch in a split second to MC style like vocals, which also wouldn’t see him out of place fronting a Drum & Bass event at any point, to some deep growls which wouldn’t seem out of place on any modern metal records. The lad has it all, And as for the rest of the band, the drums are on point, even more so from a live perspective, and the guitar sound mixed with the synths give the backline a massive sound, and it coverts live just as good as it sounds on cd.

The lads have sent me an exclusive listen of their follow up single, called “You Touch My Soul” due to be released in early 2018, and the production behind both tracks are absolutely faultless, the future is really bright for these guys, keep an eye out for them on the local circuit, as I see big things happening for these guys, if they stick with it, which in sincerely hope they do!

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