DIY ’till I die, right?

With On The House Music Management we provide you with the tools, contacts and knowledge to make the big bad music world a little less intimidating.
Then you are welcome to ditch us whenever you like.

Here at On The House, we’re known for taking risks when trying to create new and exciting ways for individuals to engage in the local music scene and ultimately – nurture and help local musicians in any way we can to ensure they have the best possible chance of achieving their goals. So it only made sense that we did something a little different when we decided to launch ‘On The House Music Management’ right?!

The underground music industry is very different to the music industry depicted on the TV or radio, we are sure that most of you are aware of this to some extent by now. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and unfortunately; money, to get to where you want to be (not to mention there’s a million other people trying to do it). Every single penny you earn and spend counts more than it ever has, with physical sales declining and online streaming rising – it can be hard for a local artist to fund the cost of management, booking agencies and PR firms whilst usually not being paid for shows, despite how talented they might be or even how big their fan base is. So most new artists are taking a completely DIY approach, learning all they need to know from just giving it a go and growing with every step.

We think that’s awesome. So we’ve decided to throw traditional artist management out of the window and we’re replacing it with something new!

We work one-on-one with artists to teach you the skills to manage your own musical project. From answering any musical legal quieres, explaining how to stay ahead of the social media curve and setting up/linking online accounts – to physically giving you access to our all of our personal trusted contacts. So you can easily organise your own shows, festival slots, label releases, professional recordings, radio premieres, music reviews, photoshoots, music videos and even overseas shows with people who are in it for the love of music – not your money. We don’t want you to work with us forever – we want you to be able to manage yourselves so you don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on the things you don’t need. So when you think you’ve gotten everything you need out of us, you’re free to leave the contract whenever you like. Even if that makes it a little harder for us, we can handle it.

For those of you interested in the legal side, we couldn’t have made it simpler. Every artist who is accepted on to our scheme (subject to availability) will pay a small monthly flat rate, equal to every other artist on our roster no matter how big or small they are/how many members they have. It’s a completely non-exclusive contract and you are welcome to leave at any point (we just ask that you give us one months notice beforehand which is why the contract is issued in the first place)… and that’s it! We would never ask to take a percentage cut of anything you release, any shows you play or anything you sell. We just want to see you thrive!

Feel free to message us via our ‘Contact’ tab or email us at if you would like to know more. You can also contact us via our On The House Music Management page on Facebook. Thanks for visiting!




Genres: Pop Punk, Melodic Punk, Grunge, Punk Rock
Location: Southampton, UK
Contract Start Date: October 2018
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp | Spotify | YouTube

125 shows, 3 singles & a debut EP that sold out in just a couple of days. Not bad for 18 months being active!

Slackrr are easily one the most talked about bands in the UK local circuit right now. Hailing from Southampton, the band have only been active for around 18 months and in that time they have taken some giant leaps forward into becoming a well-known and widely loved name across the UK underground. Even managing to secure their feel-good brand of Pop-Punk exclusive features in Punktastic, Down The Front Media, Discovered Magazine, BlankTV, RAMzine, Shout It Loud and more! As well as various positive reviews on a multitude of BBC Radio Shows across the country, topped off with the continued praise from the team at Voice FM, The Mike James Rock Show, The Rock Goddess Radio Show & Hard Rock Hell Radio the band are now looking for more support further afield. They have already played countless shows across the UK with positive feedback coming out of their ears, including support slots with the likes of Sonic Boom Six, PKEW! PKEW! PKEW!, Homebound, Louis Distras, Mest, Light Years, Abandoned By Bears, Ducking Punches, Moriaty and Doc Rotten – to name just a few.


Black Droves

Genres: Alt Rock, Riffs
Location: North Devon, UK
Contract Start Date: March 2018
Facebook | Spotify | YouTube

Local Devon powerhouses are ready to take the UK by storm with their hard-hitting, dirty alt rock riffs.

Black Droves are an amalgamation of two of Devon’s most dedicated local musicians coming together to create a flurry of untamed noise lead by hard hitting riffs and dirty, dirty tones. Drawing influence from some of the biggest names in the game from Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age, to The Pixies and Drenge. Black Droves debuted their own brand of melodic riff rock with their killer track ‘Let Go’ on the 21st April 2018 which you can listen to by clicking here. The boys have been hard at work honing their craft for the last year and are now ready to hit the local scene with abrupt force. With the help of their friends at On The House Music Management, the band only have ONE goal in mind – to play as many shows as they can get their hands on and show the world that in Devon; we play hard.


Emo Ben

Genres: Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Emo, Pop Punk
Location: Bridgwater, UK
Contract Start Date: March 2018
Facebook | Soundcloud

Taking on the the UK with his heart wide open.

Combining old school pop-punk melodies with emotionally driven lyrics and the deminer to boot, Emo Bens entire persona was born to give you a shoulder to cry on, a voice in the echoes of a dissonant reality that screams ‘i’m with you’ when no one else does. A voice that beautifully compliments the gentle guitar work in accompanies and melts through all of those in its path until you urge to hit replay.

Armed with a handful of home demos and professional studio time planned for the summer, Emo Ben is ready to show the world the smallest taster of what he has to offer by booking as many shows as he possibly can.


Sweet Teef

Genres: Grunge, Punk, Punk Rock
Location: Exeter, UK
Contract Start Date: March 2019

A destructive, unstoppable force made up of gut squelching riffs, throat-torn vocals and full-blown intensity. Not for the faint-hearted.

We’ve been aware of Sweet Teef for a long time. Starting back in 2012 when the band were casually gigging around the Exeter local scene we already knew that with the right help, they could take on some of the best grunge bands in the game with their signature sound. So when the band re-formed early this year to finally take on the big bad music world – we just had to get involved. Sweet Teef are one of the very few bands over the years that command an audiences full and undivided attention when they perform with not one straggler staring at their phone. They are unpredictable, aggressive, self-destructive and downright dirty. Anyone caught within Sweet Teefs grasp will be committed to the chaos until that very last note, which is an incomparable amount of power for such an unrecognized artist to have. We can’t wait to change that.

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