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We have a very small team and will try our hardest to create your profile within 14 days. If you are interested in potential management, PR or general DIY music advice – feel free to visit the ‘Management’ tab on the main website.

Things to remember when submitting for an On The House profile:

– Remember to include a compelling and reasonably short bio, as this will be publicly displayed on your artist profile for everyone to view.
– Make sure you choose an image that best represents your music and style, as this is the first thing new visitors will see when choosing an artist to check out. We’d also recommend choosing a square image to avoid the image being cropped when displayed on the ‘Artists’ tab.
– Be sure to include your town/city name & your country name in the ‘Location’ section. (e.g. Exeter, UK)
– Try and include as many related genres as you can in the ‘Genre’ section. Some of our guest reviewers search for artists based on genre, so just labelling yourself as solely ‘Alternative’, ‘Indie’, ‘Rock’, ‘Acoustic’ etc, might mean you’re at risk of being lost in the mix!
– Please remember that ALL music streaming and social media links will be available to view publically, so please don’t send any unreleased music or raw files to be uploaded to your profile. If you have a new release coming out, then by providing us with your main artist pages on different music/social accounts means you’re new music will be added automatically when it is released.

We’ve now added a ‘Vote’ button to artist profiles, so you can get your fans to vote for your page to give you a higher chance of being reviewed! Please note that this does not guarantee that you’ll be reviewed, but if you have enough votes then your profile will be displayed in the ‘Top 10’ listing on the main ‘Artists’ tab – giving you a better shot of being discovered by one of our guests!

Finally – remember that our reviewers review artists RANDOMLY at their own leisure so we can’t guarantee when your music will be reviewed. Good luck and thanks for joining the community!

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