5 South West UK Promoters You Need To Know #1

As part of our mission to shine a light on the most dedicated individuals in the local music scene, its only seemed fitting to share some of our favourite local promoters! If you would like to be featured for an upcoming article, please contact us via our Facebook page!



1. Boneyard Promotions

Location: Torquay, Truro, Cornwall
Genres: All Genres (with a clear love for Math Rock/Intelligently written music)

Boneyard Promotions are a big part of the reason we wanted to start these features to be honest. If you know any of the team or keep up with their most recent events you’ll already know how incredibly hard they all work. From Burn It Down Festival, Parrotfest and Behave! Festival – to running regular local shows at The Apple & Parrot in Torquay and selective quality shows at Old Bakery Studios in Truro (Black Peaks recently passed through!).

Being an Exeter boy, playing shows in Torquay back in the day consisted of the odd few shows in Ryans Bar (throwback) and that’s about it. Local residents have regularly commented on the decline of the coast’s music scene over the years, so it’s incredibly refreshing and exciting seeing the Boneyard Promotions team (and all of their affiliates) taking matters into their own hands. With poise, style and incredible professionalism all the way. We can’t wait to see what they conjure up next!


2. Freakscene

Location: Exeter
Genres: Punk, Rock, Indie, Grunge, Acoustic, Underground Genres

Freakscene are a promotions collective that is more-recently led by Jon Shoe and was started by Pippa Wragg-Smith, from Exeter’s very own The Cut Ups (& of course Shoe!). Freakscene host a wide range of under-appreciated, underground genres – regularly at the iconic Exeter Cavern venue (aka, my second home from ages 16-23) for more years than I could even guess. They’ve hosted some of the most legendary artists the UK underground circuit has to offer, as well as some of the best international bands around. I’m not going to attempt to start naming some of them, because I’d quite literally be here for days (just trust me). The team have humoured myself and all of my musical projects over the years, from my first band when I was sixteen to my screamy shouty bands today. I can wholeheartedly admit that without Freakscene and The Cavern in general – On The House & the person that I am now would not exist to this capacity. I’ve discovered a LOT of my favourite artists through Freakscene shows! They all have a love for local music that runs very deep and will always be sure to give local artists the spotlight by offering support opportunities for these shows, as well as regular local music showcase nights. Promotions companies like these are a very rare breed, be sure to show them some love!



3. Black Sail Promotions

Location: Plymouth
Genres: All Genres (with a strong love for Punk/Underground genres)

Black Sail Promotions is the brainchild of Plymouth music veteran Jim Pope from Dead Frames. Formerly Black Sail Records, Jim and the team took on a whole host of talented South West artists under their wing, with their community driven ethos leading the way. Over the years this has caused the Black Sail team to host a whole mess of South West events for their own artists and an uncountable amount of local touring bands. Mainly dominating Plymouth & Exeter in Devon with their increasingly popular event Get Rad Festival, the team are very much at the top of their game and every event is always filled with quality acts and dedicated local music patriots. They tend to host a lot of shows between The Junction and The Underground, which are arguably the two most important venues in Plymouth for local artist exposure right now, so make sure you keep them in your books for future reference. I can’t wait to see what they pull out of the bag next!


4. The Cobblestones

Location: Bridgwater
Genres: All Genres (Rock/Punk/Metal preferred)

The Cobblestones is a relatively new venue which opened its doors for local acts to take it on in 2015, owned and run by local music enthusiast Graham Hodgson. The venue area is a great space for local artists and touring artists alike – connected to the back of the existing 1980’s pub, The Cobblestones have already marked its place in Bridgwater music history. Offering multiple opportunities for local artists to play alongside national and international touring acts, as well as booking them for their own independent shows. If you keep an eye on their Facebook & other social media pages you’ll be sure to see some golden opportunities – you can get involved in their journey to revitalise the Bridgwater music scene!



5. Deaf Forever Promotions

Location: Bristol
Genres: LOUD (aka Hard Rock, Stoner, Heavy Psych and the surrounding genres)

Deaf Forever Promotions are a bit of a wild card choice for the first instalment of these articles, because I’ve not personally worked with them yet. But, I’ve been keeping a close eye on their constant announcements, which has left me crazily impressed at their overall hustle – that alone is why Deaf Forever deserve to be in your contacts list. Their passion for the craft is undeniable, they are currently booking shows across a wide range of Bristol venues. The team of three close friends are dominating the Bristol underground and bringing the noise with them. Heavy genre artists take note, you’ll be seeing a lot more from this bunch very soon!



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