On The House is a social media-like platform, built for dedicated music industry professionals to give creative feedback on the worlds freshest underground artists. A grassroots exposure project that gives YOU the chance to have your music heard and reviewed by the people who inspire the masses daily – whilst celebrating them continuously.

We like to call it ‘Community Music Reviewing’.


Here’s a few reason why you should get involved with On The House.


| Why Should I Create An Artist Profile? |


We have a whole host of local legends scouring the site for new music to review. Made up of dedicated individuals who run their own DIY labels, radio shows, music promotion companies, events, management, booking agencies, festivals and more. On top of these valuable future contacts tirelessly browsing the place, we also have some of the hottest names in the music business posting exclusive guest reviews that they themselves choose completely at random. So everyone has a fair shot at having their music chosen. You are quite literally only a few clicks away from being in the firing line of the owners, employees and members of established projects like Bury Tomorrow, Vive Le Rock Magazine, Ex-Substream, Boneyard Promotions, Black Foxxes, Louder Than War Magazine, The Jim Jones Revue, Henri Herbert, Hard Rock Hell Radio, Punktastic, Turbulence Festival, SHVPES, Music Expo UK and so much more. Like, a lot more. You also have the opportunity to receive multiple reviews if more than one of our guests comes across your profile and likes what they hear!

You can ‘Subscribe’ to your own music profile (and others, if you’d like) at the bottom of every artist page by simply entering your email address. You will then receive email updates when a new review is posted to that profile. We have also just added a brand new ‘Vote’ option to every artist page, which gives you the chance to let your dedicated fans help you gain a better chance of being reviewed by one of our many guests. The new ‘Leaderboard’ tab in the bottom right of the screen displays the ‘Top 20 Most Voted Artists’ and is a permanent addition to every screen on this website. So even though being the most voted artist doesn’t guarantee a review – it does mean that every single guest reviewer will see your name when they next log in.

The best part? We accept any genre of music from any location on the planet and it’s COMPLETELY FREE to sign up! Y’know, because the service wouldn’t be ‘On The House’ otherwise (and we love terrible gags too much to stop it). There’s absolutely no excuse for not joining one of the fastest growing, niche local music networks built around the passion and devotion of the underground community, all coming together to support each other in a new and creative way.

To put your music up for review to over 50+ guest reviewers, just click the ‘Artist Submit’ button at the top right of the page. If you already have a profile with us and would like to update the information on it, you can fill in an ‘Artist Update’ form. NOTE: We will only update your profile if you have changed members, improved your biography considerably or have created more profile on various websites. All music streaming links provided direct listeners to your main profile so they will have access to your latest releases as they are uploaded.


| Why Should I Become A Guest Reviewer? |


If you work within the music industry and have been looking to expand your creative pallet then we’d love for you to join the team! It doesn’t matter if this isn’t your usual cup ‘o tea or you’re ‘not a professional writer’ because, well, a lot of us on this website aren’t. We don’t do this to prove our writing capabilities using giant words that don’t make any sense, we do this so local artists can have the ability to get constructive feedback directly from the people who will be helping them push it further into the world in the future. We all know that a review is only an opinion, so it only really becomes valid if you respect the person who has written it.

As a promise to you all who are thinking of getting involved, we will always try our best to make sure there are plenty of opportunities within our limitations to help you promote your own musical projects. Every time you post a new review, we share it to our social media pages and tag all of your relative music-related projects within the status so you can hopefully gain some new followers! We also have massive community giveaway competitions that you can enter automatically by posting a few reviews within the timeframe of the competition. You can win anything from amplifiers, instruments and merchandise to vouchers, music accessoires, sound systems and event tickets. Basically anything we can get our grubby little mitts on. We also have some amazing private community groups on Facebook that allow you to connect with other previous guest reviewers!

If you’d like to submit for a guest reviewer profile and join our community, please visit the ‘Reviewer Register’ button at the top right of the screen.


| Why Should I Check Out The Articles Tab? |


The ‘Articles’ tab is catered to absolutely anyone visiting our site from local music fans and artists, to experienced music professionals looking for unique and personal insight into the underground music scene. All of our guest reviewers are welcome to write a feature article and 90% of the time we will publish evry article submitted as long as it meets our guidelines (basically, don’t be an asshole).

We’ve divided every single piece into dedicated categories and we’ve listed the purpose of each category below:

News: Check out the latest underground music news and stories covered by our representatives who cover topical stories to create an engaging debate through our social media channels. This is also where you can find out about up-and-coming events, companies, artists, businesses and more that’ll help you stay ahead of the curve.

Need To Know: Our ‘Need To Know’ section is an essential tool for every local artist out there trying to gain a valuable insight into the local scene they are trying to conquer. Providing the contact details for some of the most important names in the underground industry whilst simultaneously praising them for their efforts, as well as exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in the music business on what they expect when working with a new artist – so you know what to do when that day finally comes.

Advice: If you need a bit of help when trying to take on the big bad music world on your own then you should check out our ‘Advice’ tab. Featuring articles from a whole variety of music industry professionals sharing their stories & knowledge on how to be a successful and prosperous underground artist. Avoid the pitfalls of the business and don’t miss any opportunities!

Reviews: Sometimes we are blessed with the opportunity to attend an event or festival and give our take on the night in full detail. When we are able to do this, we post these articles to our ‘Reviews’ category where you can read them in all their glory and re-live the experience with us.

OTH Exclusive: This is where you can find exclusive interviews, features and articles that we’ve uploaded so you can find out some alternative perspectives of your favourite brands, businesses and bands. As well as updates about the On The House brand and what we are doing to help it grow, including opportunities to get involved in any upcoming projects!

New Events/Festivals: Fill your diary up with the latest events and festivals that are popping up all over the underground scene as we speak. The earlier you get involved and show your support for these budding entrepreneurs, the more likely you are to collaborate with them in the future!

Be sure to follow all of our social media outlets to stay up to date with the latest news, offers, competitions and more! If you have any other questions please refer to our FAQ tab or feel free to message us via our Contact tab.


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